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Dr. Zarinah Hud

Dr.  Zarinah Hud, DO (Dr. Zee) is among America's best Sports & Integrative Pain management physician's and best known for her compassionate and yet firm approach to empowering you to "Rebound your health". She is a best-selling author and well respected speaker that lectures on practical tips and strategies to help you remove mental and physical barriers to your pain and overall health.

Dr. Zee is a 3x Best-Selling Author, one of which is the very popular, first installment       

                                                                                                               . She has also been published numerous times in the media and highly respected medical journals. She has been called upon often to give a fresh perspective and share her integrative approach to prevention and rehabilitation of pain and injuries. 


Dr. Zee is also the Founder and CEO of Rebound Sports and Rehab LLC, where she is empowering patients and helping them take their functional goals and quality of life back into their hands. As CEO and founder of, she discusses practical ideas and strategies to help individuals around the world take control of their health and pain.


Dr. Zee earned her Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine degree from The Ohio University and completed her residency in Physical Medicine Rehabilitation and fellowship training in Sports and Integrative Medicine at Thomas Jefferson Univ. Hospital and LECOM, respectively.

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