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Thinking About Quitting Medicine Vol 2
  • Thinking About Quitting Medicine Vol 2

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    You’re a physician at a crossroads. After decades of committed education and sacrifice, countless hours of work with thousands of patients, and who knows how many exams and certifications, something is missing.

    You’re finding yourself occasionally thinking about quitting medicine, or maybe just having a series of mini-meltdowns. The thing is, you’re too tired and busy to find the clear headspace to imagine what life could look like instead. Sometimes you may even find yourself tiptoeing too close to burnout or too deep in disillusionment to kickstart your imagination. You feel stuck and disconnected from your vision or purpose.

    Or maybe you’ve had something happen in your life outside of medicine that has you needing to change careers or the way you practice. 

    You have feelings to sort through and major decisions to make and aren't sure who to turn to for guidance without judgment or criticism.

    This book is for you! This is our second journey into the uncomfortable space of making meaning of where you are now as a doctor and what’s next for your life and career. In volume one, we brought 13 leading physicians together to share their intimate and vulnerable moments. In volume two, we go even deeper. Imagine this as an honest, revealing conversation with 11 accomplished physicians. 

    Through their stories, you will experience their courage through adversity, searching, growth and fulfilment through intentional achievement. You’ll also find the pieces to fill in your own map to creating a way of practicing medicine that nourishes your heart and soul. This is the stuff that matters in a way that is meaningful to you. Start reading and begin your own journey.

    Co-authors: Zarinah Hud, C. Nicole Swiner, Mani Saint-Victor, Elizabeth Oates, LaTosha Flowers, Lakesha Davidson, Lisa Whitty Bradley, Rebekah Hughey, Cwanza Pinckney, Rae Smith-Peart and Charmaine Gregory present volume 2

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