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5 Healthier Drive-thru Options for the Busy Family

Updated: Apr 15, 2020


1. McDonald's

Try the grilled chicken salad or grilled chicken sandwich, and instead of french fries, swap out for the apple slices and yogurt parfait with bottled water.

2.Burger King

If you're running late with the kiddos, try the oatmeal king Jr meal (oatmeal, bottled water and apple sauce); this is actually good as an afternoon snack as well for parents and children.


The grilled chicken nugget meal ( nuggets, fruit cup, and 100% organic apple juice box) is a great option on-the-go; Mom can try their grilled chicken wraps while kids enjoy their grilled nuggets


I'm sure you'll enjoy this next one. Coming just under 200 calories - many kiddos and parents enjoy the flavorful chili and you can try the strawberry yogurt for desert; or both kids and parents will enjoy the grilled chicken wrap with apple slices as a side.

5.Taco Bell

Taco Bell offers a Taco Bowl that you can customize by skipping the rice, keep the Black Beans, Pico de Gallo, Premium Guacamole, Romaine Lettuce, and add their shredded chicken (which would be a better option than the more processed chopped chicken)

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